The Team

Meet The TEAM!

  • Mike has been at the lake for over 30 years. Built single handedly, he has made it the most successful and safest open water swimming lake in the UK. The lake attracts amateur and professional swimmers from all parts of the UK. In his younger days, Mike was a skilled jet skier and windsurfer. He toured internationally and his dedication and professionalism attracted VIP’s from all over the UK. Known as “Mad Mike”, his passion and motivation is unrelenting and this shows true today with his drive and vision to build not just an obstacle course, but also to make it the most successful outdoor training facility in the UK.
  • Thomas is a former PTI (Physical Training Instructor) in the British Army. Tom has always been fit and enjoys a challenge, having taken part in many obstacle runs in the past. His achievements include the Mud Runner series, Tough Mudder, The Rat Race, Seven Sinns Forest run, Commando endurance course and most recently  the recent London to Brighton Ultra 100km run (in 14 hours). Tom has also competed in the Clovelly 2 mile sea swim for the past 2 years. Tom teaches Boxercise, Weight Lifting, Running, Full Body Conditioning and TRX