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Showing videos of our Military Assault Course in use

Today we had 4 runners for coaching on obstacles and team work. We are bookable for Saturday's, next year we are running a £10 ticket day. Date to be confirmed in the new year. £22.50pp for a day pass. £200pp for a block of 10 visits. £10 payg coaching fee, stuck on obstacles, need some help to learn the best technique or how to develop the muscles. No need to preBook, just ask if 1 of our instructors is availbale on the day you arrive. Mad Mikes!!!

The tyre challenge. 2 minutes total number of flips 55.

Jez and Jamie came along today for some unique fitness training. Both performed fantastically and once again showed great commitment and a willing attitude. Also, Jamie has now completed the traverse rope after failing on his first attempt.

When you are 16stone and decided to put on a 25kg weight vest and have a go on the monkey may of take 3 attempts but thats the difference between those who try and those who do. Keep training, keep practicing and you will achive.

8ft wall landing.

8foot all from the back.

8ft wall.

This is a slightly different method used to clear a wall, ideal for those with good upper body strength, in this variation you roll over the wall rather than heal hook. This method is very quick and when done properly you can clear walls much faster. Ideal for 6-8ft high walls.

1st female to compete the traverse ropes.

The rope Queen, Cassandra Jane completing the traverse ropes.

Monkey bar loop.

Monkey bar loop.

Abbey runners from Gloucester, taking part in WCAC training. Well done on having a go, look forward to seeing all again. 2 events every month, sprint individual TT currently set by Beast Boot Camp. Next event is the endurance event. 4hours on course. Total number of laps. 🙂

Beast Boot Camp. 🙂 first time trial runners. Official positions. Steve- 13.33 Mike (who did extra) 13.40 Pete (who followed mike) 13.53 Congratualions to Steve for setting the official time. Look forward to seeing you back soon.